Saturday, December 6, 2008


For those of you that know Ryan and I pretty well, you know that the holidays are pretty low-key around here. We aren't anti-holiday, we are anti-holiday stress! We hate planning out the details for months and stressing over every little thing. Our first Thanksgiving together, we ate dinner around 9pm. It was perfect! I firmly believe the kids will enjoy the holiday season more if we continue to maintain this relaxed atmosphere. Only time will tell.

Ian was Buzz Lightyear for halloween this year so when that HUGE Buzz balloon came on the screen during the Macy's parade he was so excited. He quickly dragged that little chair over to the TV and stood on it, all in an attempt to get as close to Buzz as possible. I think we are going to have to go to this parade one year while we live here.

Ryan just loves this turkey so much! He couldn't help but give it a nice massage before putting it the oven. Ryan is responsible (and will remain so forever) for the cleaning and stuffing of the turkey. I don't touch raw poultry. Ever.

The boys could not stay away from the kitchen. They are always hungry, so they lingered during all of the preparation...kind of like dogs waiting for some scraps to fall on the floor.

Seriously, get out of the kitchen, Ian. The turkey is cooking and it's going to be in there for hours.

Yummy! Well, everything except the peas.

Finally! Ian was convinced this moment would never come.

The original is better. Ryan was sweet enough to buy this for me for my favorite day of the year--Black Friday!!! In my rush to get out of the house at about 5am to go stand in line at JoAnns, I completely forgot his sweet gift in the refrigerator. No worries. I hit up Starbucks just as soon as I was finished at JoAnns and I was off to the next store.


Dalene said...

I don't touch raw meat, either! In fact, I use gloves if I have to touch ANYTHING gross. I cannot stand to have dirty, sticky, or slimy hands!

Unknown said...

well, was it good--thats the main thing........