Saturday, February 21, 2009

Birthday Highlights

Well, we ended up taking over 300 photos today. Somehow, I doubt that you want me to share all of them with you. Here's the first round of birthday photos for you to enjoy.

Before even getting the boys completely dressed, I decided to let Nathan open up his card from Matt & Sue. He was thrilled to find three dollars inside! He immediately ran over to give Ian one dollar and then quickly decided that I should have one dollar as well. How sweet is he???

Don't you miss the age where a simple balloon made you this happy? I know that I sure do!

I guess it's just as much fun to take your balloons outside and immediately let go of them too. At least that's what is making Nathan and Ian so happy in this picture. They wanted to let all of the balloons go, but Mommy wouldn't let them. I asked Ian why he wanted to let them fly away and he told me it's the best way to share them with other kids. Ah, the logic of a three-year-old.

Two of my most handsome boys...the third was off eating wild green onions that grow in our front yard.

Can you tell how much Nathan liked his huge Mickey Mouse from Grandma and Grandpa S.? He carried him everywhere until it was time to drag Nathan out of the house so Daddy could put together his brand new art desk.

Our two 3-year-olds (for the next 6 weeks). How crazy is it that these two boys are the same age for 6 weeks every year. Ian is going to HATE that when he is a bit older.

Happy 3rd Birthday Nathan!!!

We've already taken 132 pictures today...and it's only 2:45pm. I'll post some pictures of today's festivities later tonight once the madness has come to an end.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Candy Making Fun

The Valentine's Day festivities continue! I had planned a Mommy & Me candy making workshop at my house the day before Valentine's Day for one of my mommy groups, but had to cancel due to the boys' illness. We still made candy though!

The boys loved filling the candy molds with sprinkles. They ate every single stray sprinkle that landed outside of the heart shape.

Ian and Nathan loved the smell of the white chocolate. I had a difficult time keeping their noses out of the melted candy.

We still have a bunch of these in our fridge if anyone is interested. These hearts are huge! Poor Nathan couldn't even eat an entire lollipop in one sitting.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Breakfast of Love

Since the boys successfully held down all of their food the day leading up to Valentine's Day, I decided to go ahead and make a special breakfast. While Ryan slept soundly, I made the boys strawberry pancakes that I cut into the shape of hearts. I topped them with more strawberries and syrup. Yummy!

I avoid all artifial food colors and food products when cooking for the boys. These pancakes would have been much prettier had I broken my own rules. Instead, the boys had organic, high fiber, flax pancakes with strawberries. I was forced to use the fake syrup (corn syrup) because for the life of me, I was unable to open the maple syrup.

Nathan was thrilled to be eating something other than crackers for breakfast this morning. All week we had to force the boys to eat crackers first thing in the morning otherwise they would end up throwing up their water. Gross!

Ian was very excited about today's pancakes. They managed to finish off 6 large pancakes. Obviously, Ian's tummy had not yet fully recovered. Normally he eats 5 or 6 all on his own.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Nathan's Card

My parents sent the cutest cards to the boys for Valentine's Day. They were able to record messages in both of them. The video shows Nathan's response. Too cute!

Happy Valentine's Day

We had a fun Valentine's Day today. The boys have been sick ALL week, but successfully held down all of their food yesterday. Since they missed both Valentine's parties this week, I decided to do my best to make up for that today. We had strawberry pancakes, made our own lollipops, went out to lunch, took pictures, opened all of our cards (I didn't get a single card) and played with beach balls in the house (in their V-day goodie bags).

More pictures to come...