Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Nathan!!!

We've already taken 132 pictures today...and it's only 2:45pm. I'll post some pictures of today's festivities later tonight once the madness has come to an end.


Dalene said...

Okay, YOU look beautiful in this picture and Nathan looks JUST LIKE YOU! Can you believe you have TWO 3-year olds???

jan said...

These pictues are adorable. And Dalene is right - Nathan does look more and more like you. Darling pictures of both you and Ryan too! Gosh the boys are so cute - they must take after their grandmother......DON'T laugh..

Sheelagh said...

This is a great picture! You are stunning! And of course Nathan is a cutie too. It is amazing that your boys are the same age for a short time very year! That's some quick baby making!