Friday, April 24, 2009

March of Dimes

The local March for Babies is this Sunday. If you have the money, I'd love for you to help out and sponsor me ($5 would be great!). There's a link on the right side of this page. Thank you to those of you who have already sponsored me. I appreciate it.

It is supposed to be in the 80's on Sunday. Last year it was too cold to take the boys with me. This year my parents will be here too. However, I've been told that they will not be ready by 9am to walk with us. Lame!

Okay, I am too tired to type anything else or add any photos. I'm off to continue cleaning and organizing my craft room in preparation for tomorrow's clearance sale and new product preview!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Egg Hunt #1

Last week we attended an Easter Egg Hunt with our 2006 Mommies playgroup. It was a beautiful day and overall the three of us had a great time. Nathan was angry and timid at first, but that's what I've come to expect from him at these large gatherings. Ian loves attention from anyone and everyone!

These bunny ears did not stay on long. I'm glad that I was able to snap this quick photo.

Nathan did not like the idea of running off with all of the kids (and not the mommies) to go find eggs. Fortunately, big brother Ian was more than willing to hold his hand. Once they reached the eggs, Ian took off and Nathan collected eggs in his deliberate way. He would find an egg, put his basket down, open up the egg and then place everything individually into the basket. Ian was just running around grabbing as many eggs as he could. That pretty much sums up their personalities.

Enjoying the goodies...this is when Nathan was finally beginning to act happy.

Other moms looked on in amazement as Ian packed away the candy. This kid has the most amazing metabolism. I wish I could just borrow a little bit of it.

I just love this hoodie on Nathan. I think I spent all of $8 at Target. Love Target! Where did I shop all of those years before kids??? Oh, that's right, Macy's and Nordstrom...for ME!!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Couch to 5K

Okay, I'm still chubby. I'll also admit to eating Taco Bell for lunch today...mainly because I will not drag both kids to the commissary on what is payday for most of us. That's just insanity.

Anyway, I own a bike that I have yet to ride. I love to ride a bike, but not alone. My boys don't comfortably fit in any of the trailers that I've found plus I'm not so sure I want to be pulling an extra 100 pounds behind my bike. I've been driving around trying to find a route that makes me comfortable. The best thing about Virginia Beach that I've discovered so far is that bikes are legal on sidewalks. This is important since we don't have bike lanes! Now I just have to find that magical time where the sun is still up, Ryan is home to watch the boys and I don't have people coming over to my house for a class.

So, I heard about this Couch to 5K program and thought that I would look into it. Where's the harm in dreaming, right? If you know me (and I'm assuming that 99% of the people reading this do), you know that I have never run for pleasure. I don't think I'm capable of running for pleasure. I'll happily chase a soccer ball around a field, but my life does not allow me to commit to a soccer team. Even the most casual team would give me the boot after the third phone call with me complaining, "Ryan just got his schedule (at 5pm) and I won't be able to make it tomorrow."

Here's the link to the program: Couch to 5K. Just go right ahead and ignore that beginner triathlete crap. I know that is outside my limits. This isn't going to be a typical Couch to 5K program since I will most certainly be pushing 80 pounds of flesh in a double jogger while working my way through this. Oh, God, just typing that makes me want to take a nap. I'm determined to lose the abdominal chub though. How the heck did that get there anyway? I have to purchase a sports bra (these babies don't act the way they used to) and make sure my shoes function properly and then I'll be off! I'm sure that you will hear me whine a lot over these next 3 or 4 months.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

More Birthday Fun

This is the last birthday post. Finally! I'm falling behind. We gave Ian his first bike for his birthday. We didn't think that Ryan would be home at all during the boys' waking hours on Ian's actual birthday so we took him out to ride his bike the day before his big day. Ian chose the bike at Toys R Us the week before so it wasn't a surprise. He waited patiently for the chance to ride it for the first time...especially considering it was in the back of the van for that entire week!

Ryan is trying his best to explain how to use the pedals to Ian. Ian isn't the most patient child in the world. He has two other tricycles, but never bothers to pedal. I guess it slows him down???

Ian is giving it a try on his own. I think we need to lower the seat a little because he was definitely struggling with the pedals.

We should not have taken the boys to a new playground for this first bike lesson. Ian could not jump off the bike fast enough to go play on the playground.

Nathan loved running up and down the ramp while I took pictures. Sometimes he cooperates...most of the time he does not.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Birthday Boy

Ian is such a ham. He will almost always post for a photo. He came up with this pose all on his own! It is way too cheesy for me. He's such a cute 4-year-old!

Here's Ian with his stack of birthday gift, minus the bike and some other smaller gifts from Grandma & Grandpa P. that I forgot to bring downstairs at first. He almost looks like he doesn't know what to do. Oh, don't mind that I didn't wrap two of the gifts or adorn any of the packages with bows or ribbon...Ian certainly didn't mind.

Nathan did his best to wait patiently.

Ian was thrilled with the aircraft carrier from Grandpa & Grandma S.! (Technically this was supposed to be a Christmas gift, but I made the executive (MOM) decision to wait until Ian's birthday). It was so sweet, that night when I was tucking him in he asked if he would be able to keep all of his gifts because it wasn't going to be his birthday anymore when he woke up. He specifically asked if he had to give the carrier back to grandma & grandpa. So cute!

The tinker toys from Grandma & Grandpa P. (Another Christmas gift that I delayed giving them until now) were also a big hit! Both boys play with the Tinker toys many times a day and ask that I make them lots of complicated structures. I already know that I need to buy more of these.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake!

Ian turned 4-years-old on Monday. Can you believe it? I absolutely cannot! I thought for sure that this child would have somehow killed himself or caused me to somehow kill him by now. In all honesty, he has calmed down tremendously, to the point where I no longer pick up books like, "The No Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers." He still drives us a little nutty, but what preschooler is perfect, right?

Anyway, Ian and I were both sick for his birthday. Yay! We had to cancel his birthday luncheon with friends twice and finally just called it off. We did do some fun activities as a family and all that mattered to Ian was a "chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and berries on top." That is what he ordered. I forgot the berries. He didn't care because he was distracted by the chocolate.

I am so disappointed that we cannot locate our second camera battery. Nathan sang "Happy Birthday" to Ian all by himself and it was just adorable! Unfortunately, we do not have it recorded because I will always choose my still photo camera over the video camera.

Ian decided to dig into the cake face first. I guess the fork would just slow him down? I laughed and Nathan followed his big brother's lead.

Again, the fork was slowing down the inhalation of the chocolate cake and Nathan finally just grabbed a fistful of cake. I laughed at this too. At this point, Ryan announced, "that's your problem now" and left to go cut himself a piece of cake. Typical.

I think we have a shot of Nathan like this every time there is a birthday celebration with cake. He is not afraid to get messy.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

So Sweet

Sometimes I'm able to get a cute shot of both boys together. It's rare, very rare. This one is so sweet! It's not perfect, but it makes me happy just to look at it. I am definitely going to have to print this picture.

Did you notice Nathan's pants? They are on backwards! Now that he is going to the bathroom all by himself, he is also dressing himself. I am not going to constantly fix his pants so they are facing the right way. He's so proud that he's doing everything on his own!

Pictures from Ian's birthday to come...hopefully later tonight!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Trying to Help

A couple of weeks ago the stars aligned and provided us with everything we needed to finally get some work down in our backyard--the weather was nice, Ryan had 3 days off from work in a row and I wasn't hosting a single event. We decided to tackle the extremely overgrown backyard. The neighbors tell us that the previous owners never did anything out the 10 years that they owned the house. It shows.

Other than hiring professionals to remove 2 HUGE pine trees and 2 smaller pine trees in the backyard, we avoided this space completely. Rabits live out there and who knows what else. The swing set was dumped in pieces in the corner of the yard by our movers and there it remained. The whole place needs to be killed, tilled, leveled and then made "pretty" somehow. Wish us luck!

Ian was more than happy to grab some tools and get to work. Since we aren't trying to save anything back here, there's no harm letting him go at it! By the way, that brick path that you see in this picture had been hiding for almost a year. It only took me 30 minutes or so to rediscover it.

Ian gets distracted easily. If we don't keep him focused, he finds his own way of "helping" us. Don't you just love his use of the rake?

Nathan genuinely wanted to be useful, at times. He is trying to master the use of this huge rake.

Now what, Mom? Thank you for trying, Nathan.

16 bags filled, 11 more to go. Now onto the last 1/3 of the backyard this weekend. Uncovering the living grass just means that Ryan now has to mow the front yard AND the backyard. Maybe this wasn't such a great idea.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Potty Time

Somehow I have finally managed to convince Nathan that it is time for him to be a big boy and use the potty. He's had decent control over his "movements" for quite some time. In fact, he hasn't pooped in public since he was just over a year old. This has been wonderful! Once Ian was potty trained last year, I stopped carrying a diaper bag. Being in control of this was not enough for stubborn Nathan though. I'm not sure what I finally did "right" in order to convince him to use the potty yesterday.

Here's Nathan showing off his new underwear. I made a HUGE deal out of this special package of Buzz Lightyear underwear just for Nathan. He was so excited. I asked him to turn around and so I could take a picture and he climbed up on the give me a better view??? I don't know. He can be so silly.

He had to get in a little happy dance after posing.

I tried to encourage Ian to act as excited as possible. He didn't get why this was such a big deal. After all, Ian's been doing this for a whole year. ;) Ian gave Nathan a high-five after Nathan's first potty success yesterday.

Yet another happy dance after potty success. Our family tradition, so to speak, has been an ice cream reward for the first poop on the potty. The boys were thrilled to have a McDonald's sundae after dinner last night. 3-year-olds are still so easy to please.