Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Couch to 5K

Okay, I'm still chubby. I'll also admit to eating Taco Bell for lunch today...mainly because I will not drag both kids to the commissary on what is payday for most of us. That's just insanity.

Anyway, I own a bike that I have yet to ride. I love to ride a bike, but not alone. My boys don't comfortably fit in any of the trailers that I've found plus I'm not so sure I want to be pulling an extra 100 pounds behind my bike. I've been driving around trying to find a route that makes me comfortable. The best thing about Virginia Beach that I've discovered so far is that bikes are legal on sidewalks. This is important since we don't have bike lanes! Now I just have to find that magical time where the sun is still up, Ryan is home to watch the boys and I don't have people coming over to my house for a class.

So, I heard about this Couch to 5K program and thought that I would look into it. Where's the harm in dreaming, right? If you know me (and I'm assuming that 99% of the people reading this do), you know that I have never run for pleasure. I don't think I'm capable of running for pleasure. I'll happily chase a soccer ball around a field, but my life does not allow me to commit to a soccer team. Even the most casual team would give me the boot after the third phone call with me complaining, "Ryan just got his schedule (at 5pm) and I won't be able to make it tomorrow."

Here's the link to the program: Couch to 5K. Just go right ahead and ignore that beginner triathlete crap. I know that is outside my limits. This isn't going to be a typical Couch to 5K program since I will most certainly be pushing 80 pounds of flesh in a double jogger while working my way through this. Oh, God, just typing that makes me want to take a nap. I'm determined to lose the abdominal chub though. How the heck did that get there anyway? I have to purchase a sports bra (these babies don't act the way they used to) and make sure my shoes function properly and then I'll be off! I'm sure that you will hear me whine a lot over these next 3 or 4 months.


Dalene said...

I am SO with you here and laughing out loud at this post ("These babies don't work like they used to.") I miss the days of being able to eat 1/2 a pizza and not gain a pound - okay, that was like 20 years ago, but, hey, it did happen. :-)

Dalene said...

PS Now I want Taco Bell - thanks. :-)

jan said...

Ahhhh - do I have to do this too when we get there a week from Saturday? I had better start saving my energy.....No, better idea.....I'll watch the boys. Whew, got out of that one!

Sheelagh said...

You are too funny! I love the sports bra comment too. I definitely feel you on that one!!!! But have to say that yu look pretty good from all the pictures I've seen! HOT MAMA!

Melissa said...

Dalene--Thanks, now I want a pizza.

Mom--the March of Dimes walk is happening while you're here and, yes, I expect you to join us. It starts a couple blocks from your hotel.

Sheelagh--you're blind, but oh so sweet. :)

n. said...

Melissa, I love you..... I started the program a while ago then fell off the wagon. I'm running back to catch up.