Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake!

Ian turned 4-years-old on Monday. Can you believe it? I absolutely cannot! I thought for sure that this child would have somehow killed himself or caused me to somehow kill him by now. In all honesty, he has calmed down tremendously, to the point where I no longer pick up books like, "The No Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers." He still drives us a little nutty, but what preschooler is perfect, right?

Anyway, Ian and I were both sick for his birthday. Yay! We had to cancel his birthday luncheon with friends twice and finally just called it off. We did do some fun activities as a family and all that mattered to Ian was a "chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and berries on top." That is what he ordered. I forgot the berries. He didn't care because he was distracted by the chocolate.

I am so disappointed that we cannot locate our second camera battery. Nathan sang "Happy Birthday" to Ian all by himself and it was just adorable! Unfortunately, we do not have it recorded because I will always choose my still photo camera over the video camera.

Ian decided to dig into the cake face first. I guess the fork would just slow him down? I laughed and Nathan followed his big brother's lead.

Again, the fork was slowing down the inhalation of the chocolate cake and Nathan finally just grabbed a fistful of cake. I laughed at this too. At this point, Ryan announced, "that's your problem now" and left to go cut himself a piece of cake. Typical.

I think we have a shot of Nathan like this every time there is a birthday celebration with cake. He is not afraid to get messy.


Jacqui said...

Angela loves cake but I'm not sure we have any pictures of Christian eating cake. Clearly there was a mix up at the hospital. =) Happy Belated Birthday, Ian!

jan said...

What a happy little boy! He sure had a nice Birthday even without alot of people. I too can't believe he's already 4. Guess that means we've been in our house 4 years now. :)