Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Candy Making Fun

The Valentine's Day festivities continue! I had planned a Mommy & Me candy making workshop at my house the day before Valentine's Day for one of my mommy groups, but had to cancel due to the boys' illness. We still made candy though!

The boys loved filling the candy molds with sprinkles. They ate every single stray sprinkle that landed outside of the heart shape.

Ian and Nathan loved the smell of the white chocolate. I had a difficult time keeping their noses out of the melted candy.

We still have a bunch of these in our fridge if anyone is interested. These hearts are huge! Poor Nathan couldn't even eat an entire lollipop in one sitting.


Sheelagh said...

YUM! Again, I wish we lived closer so I could partake in some of those yummy candies. And so we could do fun stuff like that together.

Jacqui said...

I've had too many chocolate/candy melt candies to enjoy them anymore. But I did eat all the chocolate mousse and cheesecakes I made for my class a couple weeks ago!