Monday, December 15, 2008

The Boys' Tree

Ryan received this small tree from his mom back in 1998. He was celebrating Christmas in New York and his mom was thoughtful enough to send him a tree and a whole bunch of bulbs to decorate the tree. Last week was the first time that tree came out of the box in 9 years! I discovered all of the bulbs with their price tags on--guess it was just too much work for 19-year-old Ryan to decorate the tree.

Ian thought it was great that he and Nathan were being told that they could decorate this tree however they saw fit. It has helped cut back on the number of times they've touched the "big" tree too.

Nathan carefully considered the placement of each bulb that he put on the tree. Ian, on the other hand, would hang two or three from the same stem.

This little tree continues to be decorated daily. They will take off a few bulbs and move them to new locations. The whole tree was knocked over during a play date the other day. I love this tree! Why didn't I think of this last year?

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