Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fighting...over vegetables???

All of our friends complain that their kids won't eat hardly anything. Then we have our boys. They are food crazy! Ian eats at least 1800 calories on any given day. That's amazing to me. Nathan isn't too far behind. Play dates can be a nightmare for me because I spend half of the time trying to keep Ian away from food. I promise we feed him!

The boys are devouring veggie tray leftovers from an event I hosted the previous evening. Raw vegetables are an absolute favorite in this house. I think they love veggies because they often come with ranch dip.

I tried to steal a few pieces and a fight practically broke out. Next time I'll be sure to take my share before letting Ian see the vegetables.

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Dalene said...

This is too funny. You and Lara will have to compare food notes sometime. I swear they spend most of their income on food!