Sunday, January 30, 2011

Days 12-15

Day 12: We had to drop Ryan off at the ship the night before they departed. We enjoyed a nice dinner out as a family and then said our good-byes at the pier. Nathan was very happy to be giving Daddy one last hug.

Day 13: Bye-bye Big E!!! (No kidding, my phone rang 60 seconds after this picture was taken to inform me that I needed to pick up Ian from school because he was running a 101.5 fever. I made it approximately 90 seconds into deployment before the first crisis.)

Day 14: Ian sick on the couch. This is the only time he holds still for an extended period of time. This virus swept through his class and knocked out one half of the class this week.

Day 15: Chemistry. I had my first lecture of the semester this day. I withdrew from school one week later. Turns out I do occasionally acknowledge and give in to my limits. Who knew?


jan said...

The picture of Nathan saying goodbye to "Daddy" is sooo sweet. Poor Ian, he sure doesn't look very happy. And he's sitting still!

Dalene said...

The picture od Nathan and Ryan made me cry. I need to be more diligent about coming here for updates. I am glad you all are surviving. The snow, though, I agree is ridiculous.