Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

We hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Easter together. The boys had a great 2/3 of the day full of hunting for eggs, searching for their baskets filled with goodies, homemade banana pancakes, dying eggs, a lesson in the story behind Easter and we finished our day off with a trip to the ER! It just wouldn't be a true deployment holiday without some sort of catastrophe around this place. Nathan took his first nap in two years and when I forced him awake he began screaming and vomiting. He had a high fever and complained that his ear hurt...loudly. Fun times were then had by all at the ER and the pharmacy. Didn't expect to have McDonald's for dinner tonight!


Dalene said...

Poor Nathan! I hope he is feeling better. :-( Happy Easter to you, too!

Lala said...

Melissa! What is it with boys & the ER!!! I am sorry your evening ended that way, but the rest of it sounded great! I hope it was nothing too serious & he's feeling better.
Hang in there!

Sheelagh said...

Oh NO! Seriously?!?! The ER on Easter?!?! I hope he is feeling better. That does not sound like fun.