Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ian's Birthday

A few days ago our big kid turned SIX! Can you believe it? We cannot. I promised Ryan I would add photos from his birthday and the party before his next port visit so he can catch up a bit with us. I'll add at least one more birthday post soon. :)

Here's a photo taken the last evening both of the boys were five-years-old together. They wouldn't really hold still or cooperate, but I think they still look pretty cute.

Ian was thrilled to go to school on his birthday. He shared cupcakes with his classmates, wore this crown all day and thoroughly enjoyed himself. I have a funny picture of him from dinner at a nearby Mexican restaurant (his choice) wearing a sombrero, but it is still on my mother's camera.

Such a typical pose for this kid. He can't be bothered to stand up straight and smile fully, so this is what we get. We threw Ian a robot-themed party, in case you can't tell.

It was a crazy morning full of calls to my ombudsman phone line so I was running behind in the food prep when the party began. Can you tell that Ian is trying so hard to be patient and wait to eat? This picture captures him perfectly.

Finally, time for a cupcake!!!


Ryan said...

That's ma boy!

Sheelagh said...

It is so crazy that your boys are the same age for a short time each year! So amazing!!! I can't even imagine what that must have been like in the early years (and what it must be like now). Are they super competitive or really really close? Mine are in a fighting/competitive streak right now and they don't even have to share their age!!