Monday, April 18, 2011

The Details

I have been known to be distracted by details. I seem to never finish large projects because I get distraced by the little things. Birthday parties are no exception to this rule. I get caught up wrapping Hershey's candies in little robot-themed wrappers and practically forget to wrap Ian's gifts. I make my parents cut out robot shapes and have my dad tape robot labels to ice cream cups. If Ryan were ever home for an in-home birthday party, I may finally have the chance to execute all of the fun little details that I envision. For now, enjoy the pictures of the party and the FOOD!

Love this picture of Ian looking out the windows in the door as more of his friends arrive. So many of his friends were sick (like we are now AGAIN) or playing soccer, but he really appreciated everyone who was able to attend.


Dalene said...

Looks SO CUTE and SO YUMMY!!! I want to come to your next birthday party!!!

Ryan said...

That IS a funny picture of Ian. Miss those boys

Sheelagh said...

What a lovely party! You are so creative and artistic. It looks like a lot of fun!