Friday, September 4, 2009

More Playdate Fun

The weather has been particularly mild this summer...or at least that's how it seems to this Virginia Beach newbie. We have not had to cancel a single outdoor playdate due to excessive heat this season (we won't mention how many have been rained out). The boys and I have kept very busy with all of our crafty park playdates and hope that this will continue through October.

We met up with our playgroup at Princess Anne Park to make craft stick flowers. Such a simple craft and the kids loved it!

Who knew that all I needed to keep Ian in his seat was a plate full of tacky glue and some craft sticks? Trust me, had I known this sooner, our house would already be full of craft stick creations!

Ian made 2 or 3 flowers this day. Had I not dragged him away from the table to go play, he surely would have used up all of our friend's supplies.

Nathan was under the impression that he had created a pinwheel, not a stationary flower. He is trying to blow on the flower to make it spin.


Dalene said...

SO FUN! I've said it before and I'll say it again, LIVE HERE! Then you can teach us all these cool crafts! We've been loving the weather, too!

Melissa said...

Dalene--Ian has already decided that when he's a daddy he will live in a hotel in Pennsylvania. I guess we'll see you quite often when that happens. :)

ShellyDee said...

Ian was having a grand old time making all the flowers! I remember Nathan trying to "blow" on his "pinwheel" it was sooo cute!