Sunday, September 27, 2009

Watercolor Initials

I hosted yet another crafty playdate at our local park. The boys and I love this set-up and are not looking forward to the cold weather that will be arriving soon. It's so stress-free to entertain moms and preschoolers at the park as opposed to my house.

Before starting the craft, the kids ran around on the playground. This was the first time Ian and Nathan had been to this particular park. Virginia Beach has so many neighborhood parks!

Ian always jumps right in and has to try out every part of the playground.

Nathan is a bit slower to explore. There was a little bit of water on this frog, so Nathan opted to just pet it and not ride it this particular morning.

For the watercolor initials craft, I cut up lots of strips of contact paper from the Dollar Store. Each mom then taped the contact paper strips to the watercolor paper to form each child's first initial. We then let the kids paint to their little heart's content.

Both boys enjoy painting, but Nathan definitely displays more patience when crafting.

Once the paint had dried completely, I just peeled off the contact paper to reveal their pretty artwork. This was such a simple craft and you could cut any shape out of contact paper to make seasonal art projects with the kids too! Don't be surprised if you see more of these over the next few months.


melissa ( : said...

Darling idea! You are such a great mommy, Melissa! I so wish we lived closer and could be invited to your play dates. You are amazing~

jan said...

The boys look so happy with their 'art work'. What a cute idea. Gee, Ian looks alot like Nathan in that first photo.

Sheelagh said...

Great craft! Thank you for sharing! I think we'll have to try that out sometime this week. As the rain and yuck has come back to Portland, it will be nice to make some colorful art for our house.