Friday, September 11, 2009

First Day of School

Today was Ian's first day of preschool. He has been looking forward to this for months! I am pretty sure that it lived up to his expectations. When I asked him what he enjoyed most today at school he proclaimed, "being the caboose!" with enthusiasm. I guess he was "the caboose" in line today to and from the playground. I thought that he would surely choose lunch as his favorite part of the day.

It is pretty shocking how much Ian looks like me on my first day of preschool (am I right Mom & Dad?). I think our expressions are almost identical. He was very excited to show off his new backpack.

He is all ready to go! He absolutely could not wait to run to the van and head off to his first day of school. In fact, when we arrived at his classroom he attempted to charge into the room without even pausing to say goodbye to me. This didn't surprise me a bit.

Nathan was a bit lonely at times without Ian today. He was quite confused when I arrived home without Ian (I left Ryan home with Nathan for Ian's big day). I asked him why he was sitting at the window and he said, "I am waiting for Ian to come home." So cute...and so quiet. I actually forgot to feed Nathan lunch on time today and this is something that Ian NEVER would have allowed to happen. That kid is always begging for food and asking me what time it is. I'm going to have to set two alarms--one reminding me to feed Nathan and a second to remind me to pick Ian up from school.

Together again! Nathan was waiting at the window when we pulled into the driveway and he ran outside to give Ian a big hug. They continued to give "squeezy hugs" once we were inside. This lasted about 3 minutes and then the bickering resumed.


Caleb, Bree, Zane and Claire said...

That's so cute! How exciting for preschool (we are in the same boat) and of course about being the caboose. haha Very sweet boys you have. :)

jan said...

You are so right - this picture of Ian looks exactly how you looked on your first day. What darling pictures. I too remembered how you had forgotten to say goodbye to me - you were so excited. He looks so happy and that picture of Nathan waiting for his big brother is priceless! Ian's backpack is almost as big as he is! So cute. Now Grandma has a tear in her eye!!

melissa ( : said...

Brothers... so cute.
Can you believe your baby is in school??!

Sheelagh said...

They are so cute! What sweet brothers, but I am glad to hear I'm not the only one with kids who picker. I guess that's what you get with kids close in age....a lot of fighting and a bit of love and hugs too. Addie also asks for her sister when she's gone for school.

Dalene said...

SO, SO cute! I can't decide which is more precious - Ian and his big backpack and look of excitement, or Nathan waiting for his big brother. TOO CUTE.

Tammy said...

Melissa these boys are so absolutely adorable. I just love these pictures. I'm sure Nathan will soon learn to remind you it's time for lunch. The boys are getting so big!