Monday, August 24, 2009

Usborne Children's Books

I just wanted to share with all of you that I have signed on as an Usborne Books consultant. Before you think I'm crazy for taking on another business, let me tell you that I am doing this strictly for the discount. What makes this better is that I'm sharing this discount with all of my family and friends. Shh, don't tell on me.

I absolutely adore children's books, especially quality books that don't talk down to my kids. I speak to them like they are adults (as much as possible) and appreciate books that do the same. I have found that Usborne meets this requirement. They also have tons of those search and find books that Nathan absolutely adores and I am all about buying anything that keeps the boys still and quiet.

So, if you are in need of some children's books, I will be placing orders on the 20th of every month. Let me know if you ever need anything. Also, if you visit my website you can enter to win $50 in free books!

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