Monday, August 10, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday

Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth

Today I hosted a Muffin Tin Monday playdate for my Meetup playgroup. I chose a rainbow theme--we made rainbow cupcakes and everyone brought a color specific snack. So much fun!

I had to steal someone else's photo so that I could be in one of the pictures. Each child mixed the batter to correspond with their chosen color and they took turns filling the muffin tins.

Since my two muffin tins were in the oven full of yummy, colorful cupcakes, I had to come up with an alternative container for the boys' fun snacks. Thank goodness I have a HUGE stash of silicone baking cups.

Ian loved all of his colorful treats!

Here's Nathan happily showing off his rainbow cupcake. I had frosting available, but none of us moms chose to frost our kid's cupcakes. Surprise, surprise!

Doesn't that just look so adorable!!!


melissa ( : said...

What a cute idea!! I want to live near you so I can be in your play group. You are amazing.

jan said...

I can just see you as a 'pre-school' teacher. What fun your class would have. What a darling idea. I bet the kids really enjoyed this. So much fun. Especially eating the cupcakes... Now how do 'little' Melissa and I join your play group?

Dalene said...

I want to join, too! Way, way cute. I love the silicone baking cups - where did you get those? And the rainbow cupcakes look professional. I would have frosted mine, though. :-)

Melissa said...

You are all welcome to join in the fun...whenever you come visit us!

My mother-in-law purchased the rainbow silicone baking cups for me. I also have the Wilton ones that I found at Target.

The moms ALL frosted their own cupcakes. :)