Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Disney Part 2: Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom was our favorite park, except Ian's.  We loved it so much that this was the only park we went to twice on this trip.  Next time I definitely want two full days at the Magic Kingdom.
The boys could barely contain their excitement as we waited for the bus to pick us up at our hotel.  Note to parents:  buy your children their Disney shirts at the nearest Disney store before you go on vacation.  These shirts cost me $10 each at our local store and we saw them for sale at Downtown Disney for $24.99 each!  Crazy.

Our first ride at the Magic Kingdom was the Astro Orbiter in Tomorrowland while we waited for our FastPass time to be able to ride Space Mountain.  Nathan had a great time, but Ian cowered in fear and would not allow Ryan to move their spaceship up at all.  The boy does not like heights.
Later in the day and after MUCH convincing, we were able to get Ian on Splash Mountain.  We had to stand at the bottom of the drop and let him watch log after log of people having a good time before he would get in line with all of us.  This ended up being his favorite ride!  In case you are wondering, Space Mountain was his absolute LEAST favorite ride.

 Here are the boys outside the Haunted House.  We prepped both of them so they understood it was spooky, but all fake.  I guess we did not prep Nathan enough.  He lost it as soon as they closed the doors and said we could not get out.  He literally climbed me, clung to me and began to freak out.  Ah, kids.  I had to let the poor boy play a game on my phone just so he could survive the experience.

Can you see the fear in Ian's expression?  He was not so sure about riding Big Thunder Mountain.  He didn't care for it on day #1, but actually asked that we ride it again on day #2.

Loving their Magic Kingdom experience!!!

For dinner we went to the character buffet at the Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom.  The food was decent and not having to leave the park for dinner was lovely!  We purchased one of the meal plans for this trip and I highly recommend that to anyone going to Disney.  

The only ride Nathan insisted we ride again on our second day at the Magic Kingdom was Space Mountain.  Needless to say this was also the only ride Ian refused to ride for a second time.  Instead he asked Ryan to take him on the People Mover while Nathan and I whipped around Space Mountain.  Even though this was his SECOND time on the People Mover, Ian still freaked out a bit and tensed up when the tram went through Space Mountain.  This kids cracks me up.

Now this is to Ian's liking.  Sitting in a rocking chair on Tom Sawyer's Island watching the Big Thunder Mountain train.  This was my first time exploring the island and it made me want to immediately re-read the book!

We didn't make time for the Electrical Light Parade or fireworks our first night so we made sure to schedule this for our final night at Disney.  Here the boys are happy to be sitting down while we wait for the parade to begin.

Our perfect ending to our almost perfect vacation:  the fireworks!  Pretty sure both Ryan and I almost cried at the end of the fireworks because neither one of us wanted to leave and return to our normal lives.  I've requested that when he retires from the Navy we temporarily move to Orlando to work at Disney World.

We cannot wait to go back!  I wanted to book our next vacation as soon as we were back home!


Tammy said...

So glad the boys tried the rides at least once even if they will never do it again. My childhood was spent on the Peoplemover with my mom while Corinne and my dad did Space Mountain. Glad to know that is still the preferred option for some :) Can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip!

Dalene said...

Oh my goodness, I am so happy about all the pictures of YOU! Your boys are adorable as ever, but I love seeing you, too. LOVE the family picture in front of the castle. This is my dream vacation... in three years. :-)