Monday, May 20, 2013

Eight is Great!

Ian enjoyed a very low-key birthday this year.  Hosting a party for him is difficult every year since his birthday is near Easter and ALWAYS during Spring Break.  His friends are almost always out of town or simply forget to attend.  This year it was too much for us as Ryan and I were secretly planning a vacation to Walt Disney World scheduled for the following week.  Next year he will get his Lego birthday party even if that means I have to start making the decorations now.
Ian's loot.  Notice the bike still in the box.  Yup, the Disney trip and Easter took up too much of our 'spare' time.  Ian is so easy-going that he didn't mind one bit.
I just love his excited expression as he came around the corner to discover his pile of gifts.  

Thank you Grandma & Grandpa S. and Matt & Sue for sending cash!  This is often Ian's favorite gift!  He and his brother are saving every cent they receive to buy a Nintendo DS.  Mean Mom has refused to purchase this as I am quite anti-video game and we already have a Wii.  I'm still trying to convince them that a Kindle Fire would be WAY better...and maybe I want one.  Maybe.

The Lego and Star Wars obsessions remain.  A gift that combines both was definitely a favorite.

Such a happy birthday boy.  He didn't even mind that I wrapped this gift inside out using Christmas paper.  Whatever works!

Ian has kept us laughing and contributed to quite a few gray hairs these past eight years.  He is way too smart which can be both incredibly entertaining and frustrating at any given time...particularly when driving.  Ian's (and Nathan's) love of reading results in trips to the various public libraries multiple times a week these days.  Always wanting to help around the house, he is just as happy folding laundry as he is assisting with yard work.  We love your positive attitude, fearlessness and quirky sense of humor.  We can't imagine our lives without you!

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Dalene said...

EIGHT YEARS OLD??? How does that happen??? He is still so cute. And grown up. All at the same time. Grr.