Sunday, May 5, 2013


Sorry our Easter pictures are over a month "late".  That's just how things are around this place.
Easter was very low-key for us this year.  We were super excited to have Ryan home for the first Easter in three or four years.  We decorated eggs, hunted for eggs outside and enjoyed searching for baskets indoors.   
The boys were so good in the morning.  Ryan and I were able to sleep in a bit despite their excitement and they got dressed and waited for the go ahead before heading downstairs to search for their baskets.  (Please ignore our slightly sanded steps.  Just as soon as that bathroom is complete we are sanding and painting/staining the stairs.)

Nathan is super excited the Easter Bunny put Pokémon cards in his basket this year!!!

Hunting for eggs in the backyard...

Mom procrastinated so we dyed and decorated our eggs on Easter.  Better late than never!  That's my motto.

We hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Easter with your family.  Up next...Ian's 8th birthday!!!


jan said...
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jan said...

The boys look adorable and always smiling for the camera. I sure miss them! Ian looks like he's really grown alot....