Friday, May 11, 2012

Spring Party - Dirt Cakes

Nathan's kindergarten class held a spring party (weeks ago) and I signed up to bring dessert just so I could make these dirt pot desserts for the kids.  I haven't had this for dessert since I attended a birthday party when I was in elementary school (Denise's, in case any of you were wondering).  I was blown away when Denise's mom dug into the flowerpot in the center of the table.  Hopefully at least one kid in Nathan's class was as impressed with this dessert as I was all those years ago.

24 Dirt pots later and I was no longer impressed with this dessert.  Just kidding.  I found the recipe on Martha Stewart, of course.  I did not double the recipe and I had enough leftover to fill a few more 2" clay pots.  I ran the clay pots through the dishwasher twice before filling them and everyone survived!

I think I'll sign up to bring a bag of chips to the End of Year party...

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Moonofsilver said...

this is such a cute idea!!