Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Our third Easter in a row without Ryan...I did my best.  I decided to focus less on capturing our activities on "film" and more on enjoying the activities with the boys.  Thus, I used my cheap point and shoot, often with the flash.  Oh, my!  So, I apologize for the blown out photos and odd colors.  I don't feel like fixing them.  :)

The baskets.  I'm proud that I remembered the baskets in advance this year.  Last year it wasn't until the kids were out of school on Spring Break that I remembered I had to play Easter Bunny.  It was the one time I was grateful for my pack rat tendencies as I was able to create baskets with what I had on hand.  This year the baskets rocked!

Despite all the goodies, both boys were most excited by the chocolate items.  I can't blame them.

Next up was our egg hunt in the overgrown backyard.  It makes it last a little longer when the grass is 2 feet high...that's my story and I'm sticking it to it.

The boys are holding up their loot--stretchy robots, silly bands and tattoos.

For lunch, I filled empty egg cartons with halves of their plastic eggs.  I put together a snack lunch that the boys were very excited to eat.  I probably saw this idea on Pinterest.  Thank you, Pinterest, for making me seem far more creative than I really am.

Naturally, we decorated our eggs this year following a space/alien theme.  Target had these adorable $5 kits that once again made me seem far cooler and more creative than I am.  We purchased an extra kit (animals theme) for next year!

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