Thursday, February 23, 2012

Party Preview

Today's main party preparation project was making monster "parts" for Saturday. My plan is to make cupcakes with crazy frosting that the kids will then decorate with these "parts" to create their own monster cupcakes. Sounds like a fun idea, right? Have I ever worked with chocolate (other than spooning it into chocolate molds)? Heck no! Today I managed to fill 6 cookie sheets with hand-piped monster eyes, noses, horns, teeth and arms!

My thanks to Ryan for providing me with a handful of sketched parts. We all know I cannot draw anything to save my life.

As I fumbled my way through this creative project I kept reminding myself, "this is a party for a 6-year-old and his friends". This seemed to calm me. Let's hope these kids aren't too critical!

Now I must return to the preparations as I still have to glue a bunch of cut-out eyeballs to peanut butter cups (duh), wrap plastic utensils and napkins with cute labels, wrap water bottles, etc. I am an idiot. [The best part about all of this is that Ryan is folding two loads of laundry for me while I type this.]


jan said...

This is a lot of work and love put into this project. What fun the kids will have!

Sheelagh said...

You are quite the opposite of an idiot! I am amazed by you and wish I was half as creative as you are! SOOO cool! Such a COOL mom!

Dalene said...

Ditto to S's comment. You put me to shame. :-) I showed this to Zoey and now she wants a monster party. I'll just hire you to come throw it. :-) How are your boys so big already?