Sunday, February 26, 2012

Monster Party Part 1: Cupcake Monster Factory

Saturday's Monster Birthday Party was a success!!! I'll be uploading photos all week to share all of the details with you.

The kids really enjoyed creating their own monster cupcakes. They all turned out so cute! I don't have photos of the kids' creations since I was passing out the parts to everyone, but I did make sure to set aside a few parts so I could make my own after the party.

Below is a plate full of chocolate arms, mouths and a few horns. The chocolate pieces were more durable than I expected.

Our second plate of parts contained eyes, horns and noses.

Here is the birthday boy constructing his monster cupcake.

Mom's cupcake #1. The icing I made was a bit too stiff, but I ran out of time and could not go back to fix that. So, next time I'm hoping for better fur and better spikes.

Mom's cupcake #2. I believe I had just as much as the kids fun making my monster cupcakes. What else can I make out of chocolate to decorate cupcakes? Of course, it would be for the kids...


jan said...

So creative! Fantastic job!

Leanne said...

you are a fantastic mom!!!!!

melissa ( : said...

Who. Are. You.


This is the most darling thing ever!!!