Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Monster Party Part 2: Monster Faces

Monsters, monsters and more monsters!  Maybe I went a little overboard with some of the details.  I spent every evening the week prior to the party cutting and gluing.  I love my Cricut and I love the monster theme set I purchased HERE on Etsy.

The birthday hats were created with shapes cut from the Plantin Schoolbook Cricut cartridge.  Nathan insisted on the pom poms.

Play-Doh remains a favorite of ours so I thought it would be a great addition to the goodie bags.  However, I couldn't just toss in a container.  Oh, no!  Each must be transformed into a monster!  Most of the features were Cricut leftovers from the hat project and a few had mouths from the Etsy set linked above.

Juice box monsters were a must!  The handcut monster feet didn't really photograph well, but I know they're there.  :)  A multipack of google eyes provided more than enough eyes to decorate 20 juice boxes.  The mouths and feet were from the Etsy set. 

I am pretty sure the parents were thrilled to drink out of cups with google eyes and water bottles wrapped in monster labels.  Wouldn't you be?


jan said...

You certainly did a GREAT job. Every thing looks adorable. Don't forget - mine's Feb.7th. I'd like a Monster party too!

melissa ( : said...

So stinkin' cute.
Every single thing - love it!

Sheelagh said...

You are simply amazing! I love it all! The cupcakes re especially pleasing to the eye and to the creative spirit in me too. I think I would have had as much fun at your party as the kids did. Next time, I'm coming!!

Dalene said...

I agree with your mom... can I have a monster party, too? Oh, also, I'm not sure you can come to another party at our house. :-)

Melissa said...

Thanks, everyone! It's going to take at least 2 more posts to share the rest of the details. I'm lucky in that my boys commit to theme one year in advance, usually as soon as their party is over. Pretty sure next year is Lego and Spongebob. :)
Dalene--If Zoey wants a monster party just lt me know an I'll put it all together. You just provide the location!

Lala said...

Melissa- that is AMAZING! I love the monster cupcakes & the google eyes on the cups. So cute and so creative how you got it all tied in. Can't wait to see the rest of the photos. =)