Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Snowman Playdate

We seem to have skipped winter here in Hampton Roads (I'm knocking on wood as I type this). Despite the lovely weather, we hosted a Snowman-themed playdate for our friends last week and have another one coming up this Friday.

The first snowman craft was very simple. I traced the circles on each piece of blue construction paper. We then instructed the kids to decorate the faces of their snowmen before adding the marshmallows. A thin line of craft glue on the traced circles and the kids were ready for the marshmallows. Pretzel sticks for arms and added crayon decorations were all that the kids needed to complete their snowmen. So easy! The only hard part was keeping the marshmallows out of the kids' mouths!

With two marshmallow crafts, I had to find a savory snack idea. These snowmen bagels were a hit! Only one little girl didn't eat her broccoli, otherwise every last bit was consumed. Carrot nose, olive eyes, sliced ham mouth, broccoli & string cheese ear muffs and a bagel with cream cheese to hold it all together. Yum!

I cheated with the next craft idea. We had previously made robots with marshmallows, spaghetti, pretzels and Wilton food markers, but this seemed like a great way to make snowmen as well. Naturally, the kids did not complain.

Someone really needs to remind me to check the settings on my cheap point-and-shoot camera. It was set to some outdoor setting and these pictures turned out funky. Oh, well!

The playdate ended with a snowman puppet show. I found this cute printable that Ian decided should be turned into puppets. They all figured out their family roles in this new snowman family and put on a show for the moms.

Let's hope the playdate on Friday goes as well as round #1!!!


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This is adorable. Where to you come up with such cute ideas??