Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Program & Gingerbread Houses

Looks like we are starting off 2012 playing catch-up. Some things never change. December was a busy month for us, as I'm sure it was for everyone. Nathan performed in two Christmas programs at school, I hosted three gingerbread house playdates with the playgroup, Ryan and I escaped to attend a holiday party with his squadron (and I don't have a single picture showing off my super cute shoes!), I hosted two cookie exchanges, we did all the usual holiday things as a family and I'm likely forgetting 25 other activities because December is already a blur.

Please enjoy a few pictures from Nathan's school program and the final gingerbread house playdate.

Nathan represented the 11 Pipers Piping from the 12 Days of Christmas. He was bouncing with anticipation as his big moment approached.

The entire kindergarten class posed before joining in with the 4-year-old preschoolers. Nathan was in an exceptionally foul mood as the little boy next to him stepped on his shoe and didn't apologize. I'm surprised I was able to capture this smile. Notice his outstretched arms. Nathan is a big fan of personal space and was clearly bothered by the closeness of his classmates. He makes me laugh.

Ian was so happy to be able to participate in the gingerbread house playdate. He often misses out on a lot of the fun now that he doesn't get home from school until just after 3pm.

Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately) Ryan arrived home just in time to see the boys complete their houses and snap a couple pictures of me as I helped them with the royal icing. I need to start wearing make-up.

I am glad the boys and all of their playgroup friends enjoyed these gingerbread house playdates. After hosting 3-4 of these each year for the past three years, I think I'm "retiring" this one. I have a plan for next year involving houses made from brown lunch bags and decorating with stickers and construction paper. I never want to smell a graham cracker again.


jan said...

Such adorable pictures!! Nathan looks so proud....And you look about 16 without makeup!

Sheelagh said...

This is a nice post, but all I can think to say is...Melissa, you're so perdy! :-P

cambodia-travel said...

Look happy happy, could I join please???

Yummy cake..

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