Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Mother's Day Gift

The boys and I had pictures taken of just the three of us for Mother's Day this year. The idea was to also share these with Ryan as a sort of Father's Day gift since there isn't really much to share with him from 8,000 (or however many) miles away. Plus that "lucky" guy will be hitting up ports in the Med again come mid-June so he doesn't need anything from us. (Right, honey?)

Here are some of my favorites from our mini session beginning with my favorite picture of the three of us.


Sheelagh said...

These are adorable! I LOVE them! You three look great! I am surprised at hoe different they are looking these days. I used to think they looked so much alike, but now they have changed and you can really tell who is younger and who is older and who looks like mom and who looks like dad! How sweet they are!!! What a nice gift for you and for Ryan...LOVE IT!! Such a cute family!

Lala said...

Those are SO cute. I especially love the 2 boys i the wagon. You look lovely. What fun!

Ryan said...

The boys look so much older. What a long deployment

melissa ( : said...


Darling darling - all three of you!