Monday, June 20, 2011

First Dance Class

Here's a terrible, blurry picture of the boys after their first dance class tonight. The loved it!!!

I found a really great local deal for 8 weeks of dance class (only $40/child) and Ian was SO excited. Nathan wanted karate and we had to convince him to try dance and promised karate would come soon (found a great deal on that too). Well, on the way home from tonight's first hip hop class, Nathan said that he wants to go at least 12 more times. Yay! It's a 6-8 y/o class so he was the youngest of the bunch at only 5. I was worried he would be intimidated as he tends to be a bit more shy than Ian in regular day-to-day activities. I am so excited that they loved their dance class and rushed into the house to show me their moves. Hopefully they'll let me record some of the class and I'll figure out how to post video to the blog.

Dad, are you proud of your boys? They're so modern.


Dalene said...

How fun! Z will be doing a gymnastics/dance class starting in the fall and she is so excited, too. I'm glad your boys love the class!

Lala said...

That is fun. It's so great when they love something you've worked hard to provide. I don't think I could get my boys to go for it. At school each year they have "Decades Day" where each grade level does a dance. Guess whose kids completely refuse to participate... =)

Ryan said...

Post a video. I like everything except Nathan's shoes