Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Days 41-45

Two posts in one day!!! I'm trying to catch up, but it is going to take some time.

Day 41: Another random snow day. We had far too many snow days this season. I was so done with the snow that I didn't even let the boys go outside to play in the snow this time. In fact, I don't even remember if they asked to go out in the snow.

Day 42: Nathan is talking to Daddy via Skype again. He's showing off the ridiculously expensive toy that I purchased for them after the Madagascar Live show. I think it is healthy to cave into their requests occasionally.

Day 43: It's fun to have the girls over in the evening, but it is not fun waking up to this mess. This was a wine and whine kind of night as all of our husbands were in various stages of deployment.

Day 44: The boys and I made 45 more heart crayons to include with their valentines for their classmates. Here's the stack for Ian's class.

Day 45: Happy Valentine's Day!!! The boys could not wait to get home from school and dig into their decorated VDay bags.


Ryan said...

Hey, I don't recognize that beer. What was it?

Melissa said...

It was a delicious local dark beer from Williamsburg that had chocolate undertones. I tried to find it again and have been unsuccessful thus far.

Tammy said...

Melissa I love reading your posts and staying up to date with your family! The boys are adorable! However, if you think that kitchen is messy, you are never allowed to come visit my house :)

I miss you!