Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Days 36-40

Everyone keep your fingers crossed that the home network continues to function today so I can get more than one post up on the blog. Thanks.

Day 36: I ordered adorable rain boots for the boys and today they put them to good use. The boys are drenched after some puddle jumping through the neighborhood.

Day 37: Mississippi Mud Pie. I hosted a pie-themed afternoon playdate on a lazy Sunday. Each mom brought a pie to share and we all enjoyed a nice sugar high together. I didn't particularly care for this recipe so I won't bother sharing it with everyone.

Day 38: Ian thoroughly enjoying gelato at a local cafe. We had a Groupon that we had to hurry up and use and the boys LOVED their gelato. I had a shot of espresso poured over my vanilla bean gelato and it was delicious. This is my new favorite way to enjoy ice cream at home too.

Day 39: Sick monkey. Nathan woke up not feeling too great today and passed out on the couch while Ian was in school. He hasn't taken naps in almost two years so I felt awful waking him up to go pick Ian up from school. He had completely recovered by the next morning.

Day 40: The boys and I on our way out the door to go see Madagascar Live! We met up with a bunch of friends at the show in downtown Norfolk. This was our first live action show together and the boys had a great time!


jan said...

Wow - who's that movie star with the two darling little boys? Love their rain gear....so cute!

Ryan said...

Look at you, pretty girl. Ian has pirate boots and Nathan's are race cars, right