Saturday, February 19, 2011

Days 27-31

Day 27: Nathan talking to Dad courtesy of Skype. Dad was in a hotel lobby in Portugal and Nathan was in our slightly messy family room.

Day 28: Starbucks! Instead of running errands while the kids were both in school, I met a few mommy friends at Starbucks this morning. It was so nice to spend three hours talking to adults!!!

Day 29: Piles of fabric strips. I hosted a Mom's Night In craft event for my playgroup this evening. I cut hundreds of fabric strips to decorate heart-shaped grapevine wreaths. In fact, I upset my tendinitis and couldn't tie strips on to my own wreath! It also hurt to drive for two weeks. Next time I won't cut all of the strips in one day.

Day 30: Ian is completely grossed out by today's craft. I thought it would be fun to make string hearts and mail them to Dad (another thing that has yet to make it to the ship). I made cornstarch glue and the boys dipped strips of yarn into the glue. We then placed the strips of yarn inside heart cookie cutters on parchment paper.

Day 31: Who is this? This one's for you, Ryan! Me, around midnight, no makeup.


Sheelagh said...

I like the midnight pic! You look great Melissa! I like the dark hair. :-)

jan said...

How can you look that good at midnight and without makeup? I'd be hiding in the closet with no camera in sight!! Nathan looks so darn cute looking at his Daddy...also it's a little sad, but thanks to great technology for making this possible.

Bree said...

I think the midnight pic is good! I also laughed at the craft picture, very funny :)