Thursday, February 10, 2011

Days 20-22

Day 20: Just a little preparation for tomorrow night's Mom's Night In event at my house. Can you guess the theme? Twilight "Book Club"! Oh, it gets worse (read: more embarrassing for me)...

Day 21: Team Edward! Yes, I purchased a 6-ft Edward cutout for our fun mom's night. I took pictures of everyone with Edward, but when it was my turn to be in the photo, the mom was laughing so hard they ended up more blurry than this photo! Oh, well, next time. (Yes, it has been requested I host a Twilight Saga night so we can discuss the other books in the series. We are complete dorks!

Day 22: Ian colored this picture to mail to Daddy at today's Family Readiness Group (FRG) meeting. The boys had a great time playing hide-and-seek with the other kids, making crafts to mail to the ship and, of course, eating. We are lucky that our command is full of so many awesome families!

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Bree said...

I want my picture taken with Edward! Too much fun! a couple of my girlfriends and i had regular Edward nights, complete with food, movies and the board games :)