Sunday, June 14, 2009

I Love My Vacuum

In fact, I might be in love with my new vacuum. A few weeks ago our trusty Kenmore that we purchased with money we received as a wedding gift died on us. I freaked out. I was not in the mood to spend $500 to buy a Dyson, especially since we already own a Roomba.

Our old vacuum was nice enough to give up on us just prior to Memorial Day weekend so I remained hopeful that we'd find some decent sales at Sears. After getting sidetracked by the shiny new grills (our almost new grill was blown over during a storm and is broken), we finally arrived at the vacuums. We walked in without any information hoping that the salespeople would attempt to do their job. Wrong! They were capable of pointing and reading the information on the sales tags, but that was it. Lovely. They want you to drop a few hundred dollars on an item and they can't even help convince you which one will work best for your house.

Taking things back into my own hands, we returned home and I headed over to check out Consumer Reports and the wonderful Sears comments. Have I mentioned how much I love the comments on individual items on the Sears website? They approve every comment, no matter how scathing and I know this from experience! I checked out the various Dyson models and a handful of Kenmore vacuums. After reading the hundreds of comments, I was completely sold on the Kenmore Progressive Upright Vacuum with Inteli-Clean System, Slate Blue. I was especially happy to be paying $219 for this $349 vacuum.

This smart vacuum tells YOU when your carpet is clean. My carpet looks brand new each time I vacuum. I can vacuum my entire staircase while leaving the vacuum at the bottom of the stairs. The gentle feature doesn't suck up the corners of my throw rugs while I vacuum. I love my vacuum!!!

Just had to share. I promise my next post will have pictures of the kids.


Sheelagh said...

Sounds like an affair to me! hahaha

melissa ( : said...

This is good to to know... I'm in the mood for a new vacuum since mine SUCKS.