Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

The boys are thrilled to have their daddy home for Father's Day. It was difficult to prevent them from storming the master bedroom door this morning. Ryan wanted to sleep in and they just wanted to scream, "Happy Father's Day" at him first thing in the morning...just before 6am. Just to make the day even more exciting, Nathan decided to begin to throw up in the van while I was trapped at a red light. Joy! He seems to feel a little better right now and I'm just glad that he hadn't eaten breakfast yet when he chose to get sick.

While Ryan was still out of town I hosted a Father's Day craft playdate at the house. Each child completed a coloring sheet, made a card with a little help and decorated a "tie" for their dad. Too cute! Nathan LOVES to craft and happily sat for all the activities. Ian needed to be bribed with the promise of more snacks if he finished a project. Typical.

Ian...eating. I had to give him three rounds of snacks in order to convince him to finish all three crafts.

Nathan is modeling the tie that he made for Ryan.

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melissa ( : said...

Okay - your Nathan is SUCH a little cutie. I can't wait to meet these darling boys in person! ( :