Friday, June 19, 2009

He survived!

The blog is back and open for business again now that Ryan's Navy nonsense is out of the way. He is on his way to the airport as we speak and will be very relieved to be back home where the only people who beat him up are 3 and 4-years-old. Thankfully, Ryan will also be able to take some leave until the end of the month. It's about time! Oh, we are all very grateful that Ryan safely made it through this round of training. If only we could post the details here...

Anyway, I think it has been 2 years since our last mini-vacation so I am looking forward to heading out of town next week. We are going to stay in Washington, DC for a night or two and explore some of the sights. Since it's so hot and the weather is so unpredictable this time of year, I don't want to plan an extended stay in DC for right now. We'll save that for the fall or spring!

Want to hear the most exciting news???? We are going to Pennsylvania! Why is this exciting at all? We get to see Dalene & "little" Melissa and meet their precious baby girls! I'd skip DC all together just to make sure this part of the vacation occurs. Dalene has never met my boys and I most certainly have never met her darling daughter. I cannot wait! We also hope to hit up Sesame Place if the weather is decent during our short visit. Soon the boys will be too old to care about Sesame characters...and Busch Gardens lets us military folk visit for FREE once a year. Score!


Dalene said...


Dalene said...

Oh, and his training sounds all too scary. I watch WAY too much TV.

melissa ( : said...

So fun!!
You are so sweet Melissa!
We're excited to see you!!
It's been forever!