Friday, March 6, 2009

A Beautiful Day

We have been blessed with beautiful weather today and yesterday. We had a playdate at our house yesterday--4 moms and 6 kids. After an hour inside, the noise level was out of control and we were lucky enough to be able to head to the park. While the kids played, we talked about The Bachelor. Gotta love the trashy reality TV.

Today we had a lovely time at Locks Park in Chesapeake. We weren't lucky enough to see any boats go through the locks today, but the kids had a wonderful time in our 70 degree weather.

Nathan, roaring like a dinosaur.

We had to take a break from the fun to get a quick bite of food. These boys would eat 24/7 if I allowed it.

Ian wanted to spend most of his time at the park digging in the dirt, digging up grass and filling his dump truck with bark. Boys are so easy to please.

Eventually, all of our friends left the play area and entertained themselves on the hill. It was hysterical watching a bunch of 2 and 3-year-old roll down the hills.

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