Friday, March 20, 2009

Bathroom Remodel #1

To say that our downstairs bathroom needed a remodel when we moved in would be a huge understatement. My initial instinct was to bomb this room. I NEVER entered this room except to clean the litter box. It was DISGUSTING when we moved in so it seemed like the perfect location for the litter box.

The toilet in this bathroom successfully flushed once. I would like to say that this toilet was never used after that once flush, but that would be a lie. I informed every contractor that worked on our house (as well as every guest that came over before the remodel) that this bathroom was not to be used for anything! Still, it was used not once, not twice, but THREE times. How? I still don't understand. Oh, and remember how I mentioned the toilet only flushed once...gross!

Take a look at the "before" pictures. Horrifying. Even my fancy camera and Photoshop couldn't make these pictures look nice. Somehow even they knew not to take or edit a decent photo.

Don't you just love the commercial soap dispenser? What the heck? We have a plastic paper towel holder in the master bathroom too! The orange stickers are from when the city shut the water off and winterized the home. We stashed construction hardware in here occasionally during the kitchen remodel, but that's about it. To get a better "feel" for this bathroom, click on the photos to enlarge them.

Looking at the "after" pictures is a huge relief for me. Finally, people can use this instead of our upstairs guest bathroom (the one shared by Ian and Ryan). The shower (which you can't see) is the only thing that remains. Yay!!!

I had to include a picture of the new floor--pretty travertine. The old tile, which ran through the laundry room and into the kitchen as well was UGLY!!! Seriously, they were 16 X 16 ceramic tiles that looked like the wood floor of a basketball court...only slightly more orange. WHY??? We kept a small piece to remember how far we have come with all of our projects.


Jacqui said...

Would you like me to send Mike over to help with replacing the shower?

BTW, I got your card. Thank you! I think it's so cool to have the card you posted. Angela thinks it's cool, too. Mike thinks I'm just crazy. And Christian has no thoughts on his mother anymore. =)

Dalene said...

You guys are amazing. You will be pros at all this soon if you're not already!