Friday, January 25, 2013


What's this?  Two posts in two days?!?!  What is really crazy is that these pictures are from today!  In fact, the boys are still out back playing in the snow.
What is a little boy to do when it is snowing?  Try to eat the snow, of course.

What else might a little boy do in the snow?  Pose in as many crazy ways as possible.  I have many, many more like the one below.

Ryan, naturally, grabbed Toby to force him into the snow.  This seems to have become a bit of a tradition.  Toby LOVES the snow.  Not really.
Toby did not freak out and try to climb onto Ryan's shoulder this year so I am going to pretend like he had a great time.  Emma, on the other hand, cried at the back door and would not come outside to play.


Dalene said...

So cute!!! My girls just went out to go sledding, but it is SO blasted COLD they won't last long at all. I'm wishing for the mild, mild winter we had last year.

Kourtney said...

I love their hats. I don't blame them for trying to eat the snow. So cute!!

Sheelagh said...

Snow id so fun! My kids react strangely to it also, sine we don't have much of it very often. We had some fun freezing fog this past week though and we found lots of ice!
You're kids and cats are so cute!