Sunday, November 11, 2012

Neglectful Parenting At Its Best!

Turns out our boys are quite creative when neglected for rather long periods of time.  While I worked on chemistry and Ryan worked on yet another home project, the boys made good use of craft supplies and Legos.

A monster truck and its ramp.

A Pokemon battle (I think).

School -- quite an interesting group of students and teachers.  Note the dress up box in the upper left corner.  I like the lunch room in the lower right.

Nathan wanted me to take a picture of the student raising his hand.


Tammy said...

Such creative boys! They are very good at amusing themselves and playing together. Thanks for the updates :)

Sheelagh said...

That is rather impressive! My kids don't know much about Legos, I blame that on David! Someday they might learn how to build something like that and how to play on their own without killing each other. But for now, I will show them your blog!