Monday, March 12, 2012

It's That Time Again

Goodbye USS ENTERPRISE.  It's time for another deployment.  This is the 22nd and final deployment for the ENTERPRISE and our final deployment with the SCREWTOPS of VAW-123. 

The ENTERPRISE departed Naval Station Norfolk yesterday.  Starting a deployment on a Sunday is awful.  Whoever thought this was a good idea has clearly never been the spouse left behind.  A deployment that begins on a weekday makes so much more sense.  It's much easier to wake up and just get on with your weekday routine.  Sundays are family days. 

Oddly, Ryan is still home.  He is part of the CQ (Carrier Qualifications) crew so he will be flying to/from the ship today and tonight while all the pilots meet their qualifications.  He may deploy (stay on the ship) as early as tonight or as late as Wednesday.  While it is nice to have "extra" time with him home, the stress of not knowing is something that is new to us.  It's especially difficult trying to explain this to the boys.  I'm very used to the unpredictability associated with the Navy so I just roll my eyes and wave my hand these days.  :)

Wish us luck as we endure another deployment full of uncertainty.  We've never experienced a "predictable" deployment so this is normal to us.  We are lucky that Ryan will be transferring to his next command this Summer so he will not have to complete the entire deployment.  This is only our second "good deal" in almost 14 years in the Navy.  Woo hoo!!!

**All photos are from the USS ENTERPRISE Facebook page**

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