Friday, June 18, 2010

Graduation Day

Can you believe that Ian has already graduated from preschool? I cannot! He is so very excited to start kindergarten in the fall. So excited that he tells virtually everyone who walks through our front door.

All three 4-year-old preschool classes combined to put on a little musical performance. These shows are always so cute and Ryan ALWAYS missed them courtesy of the Navy.

This is Ian's entire class along with his two teachers, Miss Pat and Miss Teddi. Nathan is very much looking forward to being in this same class in the fall.

Sorry for the strange picture of the two boys. They were not being very cooperative and struggle with looking AT the camera at the same time.


jan said...

What happened to our 'baby'? All grown up and looking adorable. Love that color blue on him.
*mom and dad.

Dalene said...

No, I cannot believe it. Why do they have to grow up so quickly? It kills me. Can YOU believe you will have a Kindergartner in the fall?