Thursday, May 21, 2009

Outdoor Fun

I am so relieved that the weather has been mostly cooperating and allowing the boys to play outside. Nathan is content with craft activities and indoor play, but Ian NEEDS to be outside. Our typical tropical summer has not yet begun so we are taking advantage of the warm, sunny days right now. These are just a few pictures from a recent park play date.

See, Ian loves to be outside. If there's a hill to be found, Ian will be the one rolling down it.

How did he end up so photogenic? He certainly did not inherit this quality from me or Ryan.

Boys running around being boys. Thank goodness we have a ton of parks here in Virginia Beach!

A sweet friend of ours who is moving to Korea next hoo!!!!!!!

These three little guys get along so well. It's such a shame this other family has to transfer to a new duty station.

When not shuttling the boys from playgroup to playgroup, I have been spending ALL of my extra time working on my business. It's exhausting. I have yet to find the perfect e-commerce site and that's very frustrating to me. I want a template for my store that I can adjust to make it more unique, but I don't want anything too complicated because it needs to be easy to add items frequently, etc. Suggestions anyone? I've also been adding things to Etsy, updating my current site, trying to make Twitter work for me, blah, blah, blah. It's so bad that my kids now pretend to work on their own websites with big old calculators acting as their laptops. So crazy!

I also help organize three local Meetup groups and it has become a tad overwhelming in recent weeks. I am trying to spread out the responsibilities as much as possible so that it can truly remain FUN for all of the organizers, but this has proven difficult at times. I will always sacrifice my own time to try and make sure everyone is happy...this is something I need to work on.


Vintage Papers said...

what darling boys you have! I also have a son named Ian (now 23)! Thank you for the sacrifices you make being a military family!

Jacqui said...

Ya know, I have a sloped backyard. Bring the boys over and they can roll all they want!
BTW, sorry for being such a loser friend and not picking up the phone to call. I've been distracted by watching every NCIS episode I can find since I became a recent junkie. =)

Caleb, Bree, Zane and Claire said...

I have been so behind on blogs! We are loving the outdoor playtime as well. But this past week we got some humid weather. UGH. I love the pics you put up! Your boys are so cute and getting so big!