Sunday, December 29, 2013

Baby Update

We are now 25 weeks into our Baby #3 journey.  The morning sickness is long gone, however the weakened immune system has led to some very childish illnesses on my part.  I have been battling an ear infection for weeks!  I joke that I need tubes, but I am only half-kidding as I can barely hear out of one ear due to fluid issues.  Ridiculous!  The kids have been bringing home germs from school and it seems that no amount of hand washing and sanitizing keeps me from catching every cold.  Ideally I would stay home for two weeks, but that is impossible.
The photo below is from our 19 week anatomy ultrasound appointment.  This is the appointment where Ryan did his best to act happy despite my insistence on NOT finding out the gender of our baby.  All three of my boys are hoping for a girl.  Since I am not wanting to see any of them disappointed I thought it made sense to wait until the birth to find out the gender.  Please show me ONE (sane) person who can pull off disappointment when meeting their new child/sibling for the first time.  I don't think it's possible!  Anyway, Ryan is convinced it is a boy and most days I am convinced it is a girl.  Naturally, I am secretly hoping it is a boy (because I have TONS of boy clothes and already know what the heck to do with boys) and Ryan is hoping it is a girl.  Either way ONE of us is going to be completely surprised when the baby is born.

This little one is different in utero than both boys.  I find he/she to be more active than both boys, but not as strong in his/her movements as Ian.  He/she is nocturnal like me so we often keep each other company at 1 am when we should both be sleeping.  He/she likes to be active at the dining table so I can only assume that he/she does not want to miss out on family time already. 

The boys hug and talk to their new sibling almost daily and it is the most adorable thing in the world to me.  They are more excited that I could have imagined and I love that they see this new addition as a positive.  I predict that I will have more assistance than I ever thought possible when the new baby arrives.  Both boys like to list all the ways they will help no matter how often I remind them that helping is not necessarily their responsibility and that they are still my babies too!

15 weeks (or so) to go!


Sheelagh said...

YAY! A new post! I have been coming by regularly to stalk you and that baby! ;-)
Glad to see that you stuck by your guns. We waited to find out the gender of all 4 of our babies and I was wrong about just about each and every one of their identities. :-)
All in all, it is so fun and you are right....everyone will be nothing more than elated to meet him or her.

Tammy said...

Yay an update!!!! I think it's great you are waiting for a surprise! So glad to hear the boys are so excited for the little one to arrive!! Keep the updates coming :)

Unknown said...

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