Sunday, March 3, 2013

Angry Birds Party

When asked what theme he would like for this year's birthday party, Nathan selected Angry Birds.  Odd considering he had never played the game.  I honestly have no idea where his obsession originated.  Fortunately, Ryan is quite the Angry Birds expert and was able to answer all my questions as the planning and decorating occurred.
Hope you're ready for lots of pictures!

Ideally, I make all the decorations myself.  Well, with the master bathroom remodel underway the two weeks leading up to the party that just wasn't possible this time.  Party City saved the day with their cheap plastic signs.

A friend pointed me in the direction of THESE awesome balloon templates.  I reduced them to 55%, cut them out and glued them to plain paper bags.  Voila!  Cute goodie bags for the kids to take home along with their mini bird houses to paint.

Here are the BALLOON TEMPLATES mentioned above.  So cute!  We had decorated balloons all over the downstairs.

Thank you Michaels for selling these cute unfinished bird houses on stands for only $1.99.  I painted a few and set up displays using grapevine wreaths as nests and Nathan's plush toys he received as gifts.

The boys have three Angry Birds games like the one below.  We set these up on one of our coffee tables for the kids to play with during the party.

I found THESE templates online and thought they would be perfect for this inexpensive game.  I painted empty cans, cut out the pig faces and glued them onto the cans.  It doesn't get easier than that.  I found this Angry Bird playground ball at Toys R Us.

 Themed food is always fun.  I am still disappointed by the many, many ideas I had but didn't have the time to complete.  That and Nathan is currently on a gluten free diet which made planning the menu a bit tricky.  He loves raw veggies though so a tree with a bird (toy) only made sense.
Gluten free angry bird pizza!  Thank you Trader Joe's for selling a frozen gluten free cheese pizza.  Thank you Ryan for decorating it.  Ryan also made a huge angry bird pizza by altering a Papa Murphy's pepperoni pizza, but the picture didn't turn out well.

Bird fruit salad, of course.

My FAVORITE decoration!!!  I told Ryan to get some 2 X 4's and made some sort of display for me that will hold the cupcakes.  Look at this!  He made this in what seemed like just a few minutes the morning of the party.  I love it and plan to hang it in Nathan's room.

Can't forget to include a picture of the birthday boy!  He loved his party and I vowed never to host another party at the house...wonder if I'll stick to that.

And here are the "pop the pig" balloons we forgot about during the party.  Whoops!  Ryan painstakingly added candy to each balloon and blew them all up the night before.  We put them upstairs so the kids didn't get into them before we were ready and in the chaos of the party we forgot about this activity entirely.  I have a funny video of the boys popping two balloons that I will try to add soon.


Kourtney said...

Looks like it was a very fun party. You are so creative!

Tammy said...

I love it!! You throw such great parties for your kids. I'm thinking I'll have you plan my next birthday party, does Vampire Diaries theme work for you? :)

Denae said...

You are AMAZING!

jan said...

Wow - you certainly know how to create a theme party. Such talent in this family. Well, in Virginia anyway.....

Lala said...

Melissa- That is ADORABLE!!! My boys LOVE Angry Birds & have been asking if they can do all the things in the photos. - This is our non-party birthday year - but maybe next year.

I especially love the 2x4 display for the cupcakes. So clever.

Wenni Donna said...

Such an awesome party! Everything has been arranged perfectly here. I must tell that I haven’t seen a party like this ever before. I am glad I found this post right before my daughter’s first birthday. I am going to book one of the outdoor event venues for her birthday celebration.