Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dance Party

Dance party Peck Family style:

I am sure the boys will be THRILLED that I have posted this in the future.  We just wanted to share the craziness with everyone.  Normally we listen to punk music around the house, much to Ryan's dismay, but this particular evening we had Ryan's running Pandora station playing.  We were lucky enough to witness some new dance moves.  Enjoy!


melissa ( : said...


We need to get your boys and my girls together - Maya would love to dance with them!!

( :

jan said...

So adorable and such energy! They look so cute. And I love your room! Looks so pretty!

Sheelagh said...

Oh my goodness! They are sooo funny! My kids are getting a huge kick out of this video. You need to post more videos!
Alos....what a gorgious living room you have. So organized and grown up. I still have one of those couches you can jump on because it is so old and I still have babies. HAHAHA

Dalene said...

Zoey is LOVING this video! Now she wants to post some of her dancing. :-)