Sunday, December 9, 2012

Never A Dull Moment

This is how you know Ryan is home:

These pictures are old, but at the same time they are current.  We always take on crazy house projects when Ryan is home for extended periods of time.  Mind you, to us, three months at home is an extended period of time.  Ryan should be home rather consistently for THREE YEARS.  It's about time!  Of course, as I type this he is working a 17-hour day on a Sunday flying all day and night for carrier qualifications. 

We thought it was finally time to gut and remodel not one, but two of our bathrooms simultaneously.  We had been putting off these two bathrooms for years, but it finally seemed like a good time to tackle the boys' bathroom as well as our master bathroom.  The boys' bathroom shouldn't be too hard since Ryan has some experience with these types of projects...

Uh oh.  You never want a SERVPRO van at your house.  Trust us.  Our "simple" swap bathroom remodel resulted in a bit of a flood...on the second floor of our house...that the boys may or may not have been aware of for about four hours before mentioning it to Ryan.

"You had seven gallons of water pour out of this hole in your ceiling?"  Yup.  Thank goodness in his panic, Ryan had the genius instinct to shove a screw driver in the ceiling and throw a 5-gallon bucket under it.
"We'll set you up with some huge, loud fans that you need to run for the next 72 hours and an awesome hole in your ceiling."  Okay, I paraphrase.

This hole doubled in size a day or two later when the inspector agreed with Ryan that the water damaged more than the original crew thought.  Fun, fun.

It all looks lovely now, upstairs and downstairs...oh, wait...our master bathroom is still completely gutted.  And, yes, we have given up and hired a contractor to do the majority of that major remodel for us.  I'll post "after" pics and some lovely before photos of the bathroom Ryan completed soon.  By soon, I mean, after my finals for this semester are over and I've finally put up a Christmas tree.


Sheelagh said...

Can't wait to see the after pics?
That sounds like some kind of craziness! You Kids are nuts by the way....all those projects! :-P

Dalene said...

Projects scare me to death. We did all the walls, floors, molding, etc. when we moved into our house. Oh, and the basement. But big projects like kitchens and bathrooms overwhelm me. Probably why ours are still sporting the late 90's "I'm a cheap track house" look. JK. I love my house. Usually. Except the bathrooms and kitchen. :-) Can't wait tosee the finished products! Good luck with ffinals and Christmas trees!

jan said...

I love the way you tell a story. I can't stop laughing.....sorry, but that's my sense of you know! And, I'm afraid it's wearing off on Dad. He's starting to 'think' like me and only after 46 years!!! *mom

Lala said...

MELISSA!!! That is the WORST. It will be amazing when it's all done, but living through a remodel is craziness. Good Luck. Can't wait to see the after photos.