Monday, October 24, 2011

Catching Up

Ryan was home for all of 2.5 weeks and in that time he and I attended a Change of Command ceremony. Highlight of the event for me was when the outgoing Skipper requested a round of applause for all my work as the Ombudsman. Ha!!! Really, the highlight for me was wearing cute 4.5 inch heels and receiving a Starbucks gift card from the outgoing Skipper's wife...she knows me so well. Don't you love the blurry picture Ian took of us?

The next morning I raced out of here and headed to Baltimore. I had this tiny bed all to myself for two entire nights. :) I loved that the room was cleaned by someone other than myself.

I found this little park down the street from my hotel where I enjoyed a few hours of sipping my coffee and reading a book ALONE. I drove all over Baltimore, sometimes on purpose and sometimes accidentally. Everyone who knows me knows that I do not believe in owning a GPS and that eventually I can find my way anywhere. Poor Ryan did receive a couple calls from me when I followed my printed directions (which led me astray) and when I failed to look up directions for the return trip. Navigating DC without instructions is not recommended. Baltimore was a breeze though...just follow the other cars around town and you'll eventually get to some sort of highway.

While away the boys enjoyed many outdoor meals, lots of outdoor play and a fun movie night at home. We all had a great weekend!

Having returned feeling refreshed I cooked a "real" meal for the family which included these Ultimate Twice Baked Potatoes. As you can see, Ian was so excited to eat his potato that he couldn't be bothered with utensils.

Naturally, a 2.5 week "visit" with the family wouldn't be complete without attempting a home improvement project. Ryan ripped out our UGLY entry tile and I've been tasked with removing Pergo from 4 additional rooms. (How am I supposed to move the dining room hutch/buffet???) We are hoping the installation of our new flooring will take place while Ryan is away so we can check something off our never ending to-do list.

And, as always, we said goodbye yet again to the so-called man of the house. Pretty sick of all of this time apart...Ryan's never home long enough to remember all of my house rules! ;)


jan said...

I love that picture of you and Ryan. What a darling couple!! I think Ian did a good job...

Dalene said...

I am sure the time Ryan is home just FLIES by. I LOVE that you got to go away alone - seriously, my dream. But I want a whole week. In Hawaii. :-) I know, I know: beggars can't be choosers! :-) You look SKINNY!

Lala said...

How long will Ryan be gone this time? What a fun little retreat. I love sitting and reading a book by myself. So fun!