Monday, September 12, 2011


Today it was Nathan's turn to begin the new school year. My "baby" is in kindergarten!!! He was a little bit concerned this morning because his big brother warned him that today would be tough since he'd be learning Spanish. Thanks, Ian. Yes, this private kindergarten now teaches Spanish. I like Ryan's response to learning this piece of curriculum information: "Why not focus on getting English down first?" (Or something similar to that...sorry to butcher your quote, Ryan).

We were too early so I decided to snap a couple extra pictures outside of the school. As you can see in this photo, Nathan was totally thrilled with this decision. I have NO idea where he gets these expressions (or his attitude).

Happy first day of school to me! I am listening to very loud punk music while drinking my coffee. Bliss!


jan said...

What a great look! It's like he's warning the teacher... "Are you ready for me?"

Dalene said...

Happy first day to you, indeed! Is it bad that I am oh-so-jealous? I know, I know... you've put in your time!